Oranz spa

Earlier body wraps were used to help people achieve weight loss. A number of obese has get benefit from the massage. The patient get tightly wrapped with plastic wrap or bandages to cause vasodilation (the dilatation and relaxation of the blood vessels to enable for enhanced blood flow) and quickly drop off the extra weight. Professional therapists offer treatment where you will be slathered with a body mask made of algae, seaweed, mud, clay and lotion or cream.

Body wraps: A heavenly body massage
Apart from weight loss, there are a number of benefits associated with body wraps. Some of the common benefits of the massage include:

Inch loss
Body detoxification
Skin conditioning
Pain relief

Importance of Oranz Body Spa
Do you know why people get associated with us when they look for various types of massages? We use body wraps that employ algae, seaweed, mud or clay are detox treatments that assist the body get rid of toxins via metabolic stimulation. Our professionals employ shea butter and rich lotions to hydrate treatments and thus geared towards softening the skin. Oranz Body Spa's therapist employs massage oils to make easy the downy, glidding strokes called effleurage.

Will you lose weight?
Inches, not pounds, is what our Body Wrap is designed for. Our services help you make no claims for weight loss. We ask our customers not to go for dieting and exercising for weight loss. Depending on your age and rate of your weight loss, our experts design the program keeping in mind all.